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You can enhance your living area with our skilled basement renovation services in Burlington. Being a top basement renovation company, we take great satisfaction in turning regular basements into extraordinary spaces. With our unmatched experience, discover what makes a basement renovation Burlington different. 

A Basement room with a washer and dryer

Our Basement Renovation Services


Your home may gain useful room and value by renovating your basement. During the whole renovation process, from preparing the area for the building to adding finishing touches, Running Renos gives you a dream home makeover basement. You may rely on us to assist you with selecting a fresh layout, adding a kitchen, bathroom, or fireplace to your basement, and rebuilding even in the wake of disaster. Our basement renovations Burlington Services Include:

  1. Basement Finishing

  2. Basement Flooring

  3. Tiling and Painting

  4. Basement Kitchens

  5. Basement Bathrooms

  6. Basement Renovations


Why Choose Running Renos for Your Basement Renovations in Burlington? 


Running Renos is a renovation company in Burlington with over a decade of expertise. We provide free, no-obligation expert consultations and high-quality services that come with a full guarantee. Our professional craftsmen are insured and licensed, and we promise timely project completion while adhering to all specifications. 

We offer a complimentary in-home consultation and are committed to forming an inclusive collaboration with our clients. Our reputation speaks to our dedication to professionalism, prompt and affordable basement remodeling, client satisfaction, dependable and trustworthy service, and transparent procedure.


How It Works


This detailed manual on basement renovation will walk you through every stage of the process, from preparing the area for the building to adding the final touches. 

Step 1: Deciding How You Want to Use the Space

We help you identify your vision for the area before renovating your basement. This will affect wall color and flooring, among other things. Make an open design for future usage if you're remodeling to draw in buyers or raise the value of your house. Developing the area as you see fit for long-term occupants ensures it works for present and future owners.

Step 2: Set a Budget

For an old basement remodel, setting a budget is essential since it guides the selection of the appropriate materials and finishing touches, influencing every step of the procedure. Before beginning the project, especially before making any significant material purchases, it is imperative to have a budget in place.

Step 3: Cleaning Out Your Space

Before remodeling, you must remove any existing "stuff" from your basement, such as storage units or objects belonging to previous tenants. By doing this, the renovation process is expected to start fresh. Preparing the room beforehand enables us to give estimates and guidance and may even motivate you to hold a yard sale to eliminate unnecessary stuff. This guarantees a more effective and pleasurable remodeling process.


Step 4: Take Care of Electrical and Plumbing

Before remodeling your basement, we map out the rooms, mark the outlets, and install any pipes or plumbing—especially in the kitchen or bathroom. Since several towns, such as Burlington, have particular qualifications for direct plumbing or electrical work, our professionals ensure all the details are up to code.


Step 5: Frame and Flooring

When renovating a kitchen, kitchenette, or bathroom, piping is brought in, and electrical points and wiring are roughed in during framing. Following the framing process, the drywall team installs the wall boards, primes and paints the drywall, and tapes and plasters the joints, corners, and bulkheads. Other elements like a feature wall, fireplace, or staircase are added with the installation of flooring and tiling.

Step 6: Paint

The color palette of the walls and ceiling of your basement is entirely up to you. Before painting, we apply primer, and once it dries, we add highlights and light fixtures to finish the design. Given our expertise in basement renovations, our professionals can assist you in selecting the ideal color scheme for your project.

Step 7: Add the Details

Before your project is finished, our site supervisor will do a last walkthrough to find any areas that still require work. Then, we'll leave you to enjoy your newly designed space.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Bathroom Renovations in Burlington


Cost efficient
Our team does a needs analysis, works within your budget, and assists in planning the average cost to finish a basement with high-quality products.


Quality work and expertise  
Our USPs are our guarantee of quality and our specialized guidance on fittings, finishes, and materials. Running Renos’ staff is knowledgeable about the most recent developments in technology and design. 


Latest technologies
You will receive a wealth of information and supplies to improve bathroom renovation


Our refurbishment plan considers cost, design, and functionality. This leads to fewer stressful modifications that save time and low cost to finish a basement while increasing the home's value.


A Basement room with a washer

Our Basement Renovation Services Include

Basement Finishing
You may turn your basement into an appealing, functional space using our professional finishing services.


Basement Flooring
Select from a range of flooring alternatives for basement remodel and the ideal finishing touch.


Tiling And Painting
For a polished appearance, improve aesthetics with expert painting and tiling services.


Basement Kitchens
Construct a gorgeous kitchen in your basement that skillfully combines design and utility.


Basement Bathrooms
Put a well-thought-out bathroom in your basement to increase its practicality and style.


Basement Renovations
You can rely on us as a finished basement company to provide thorough, excellent basement renovations that go above and beyond.


Why Choose Us?

Offering project management, planning, and construction, Running Renos is a basement renovation company that provides a full-service basement renovation package. We collaborate closely with customers to build basements that fit your wants and budgets, guaranteeing a prompt and affordable finish. We are Burlington's best basement renovations business, having all the necessary supplies and finishes from top producers in stock. Reach out to Running Renos, who focuses on the on-site experience, keeps our word, and delivers on our commitments.

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