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You can enhance your space with our services of bathroom renovation Hamilton. Being a top home renovation company, we take great satisfaction in turning regular bathrooms into extraordinary spaces. Get in touch with us to discover our unmatched experience in bathroom renovations.

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About Us

Running Renos is a qualified and insured home renovation company with more than 15 years of experience. A good or adequate remodeling involves planning and making sure that bathroom supplies like tiles, fixtures, and fittings are requested, purchased, and delivered on schedule.

Running Renos caters to customers seeking bathroom makeovers in Hamilton. We can help you give equally gorgeous bathrooms with a contemporary flair. We can makeover the whole space with a few key pieces of bathware, sanitaryware, and accessories.

Our Bathroom Renovation Services

For over a decade, Running Renos has been a leading company with expertise in bathroom renovation services for Hamilton homes. In addition to being licensed and insured, our talented workers guarantee on-time project completion while upholding all requirements. Our commitment to establishing an inclusive partnership with our clients is demonstrated by the free in-home consultation that we provide.

Our track record demonstrates our commitment to professionalism, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, client satisfaction, and dependable and trustworthy bathroom makeovers in Hamilton. Since remodeling a bathroom is an investment, you naturally want the best results. Before starting to renovate your bathroom, be sure to consider your available space as well as your overall decor.

Why Choose Running Renos for Your Bathroom Renovations in Hamilton?

Our team of professionals specializes in stress-free, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing bathroom makeovers for Hamilton homes that meet your preferences and budget, boosting the value of your home and making the most of your time and money. By prioritizing budget, choosing premium goods and supplies, providing competitive pricing, and offering discounts, we provide cost-effective, quality-focused services. 

Running Renos focuses on giving bathroom makeovers in Hamilton that meet your demands and provide professional guidance on fixtures, materials, colors, lighting, ventilation, and other elements. You can count on us to provide quality control and the best advice on recent advances in technology.

How It Works

Remodeling a bathroom is an increasingly prevalent and important part of both personal and professional life. Your morning and nighttime routines can be greatly enhanced by updating an old-fashioned bathroom into a space you admire. Collaborating with our team may facilitate the renovation of an exceptional and functional area that turns into your most cherished room at your home. Though careful planning will help you remain within your budget, bathroom makeovers in Hamilton can be costly and time-consuming.

Complete bathroom removal, demolition, cleanup, custom cabinet installation, plumbing replacement, custom tiling, glass shower surrounds and tubs, painting, and finishing touches are some of the services that Running Renos is an expert in. With the best bathroom remodeling for Hamilton homes, our experience guarantees that every detail is taken care of.

Benefits of Choosing Running Renos for Bathroom Renovations

Quality Work and Expertise

Our USPs are our guarantee of quality and our specialized guidance on fittings, finishes, and materials. Our staff is knowledgeable about the most recent developments in technology and trends.

Latest Technologies

With our bathroom and basement remodeling Hamilton services, you will receive a wealth of information and supplies to improve bathroom renovation.

Cost Efficient

Our team does a needs analysis, works within your budget, and assists in planning the cost to finish a bathroom with high-quality products.


Our refurbishment plan considers cost and functionality. This leads to fewer stressful modifications that save time and low cost to finish a basement while increasing the home's value.

Our Bathroom Renovation Services Include

Bathroom Vanity

With an exquisite collection of elegant bathroom vanities from our long-lasting vendors, kickstart your day or wind it up with luxury and comfort. To meet the demands of every bathroom, we can bridge between you and the best available vendors to provide you with a variety of designs, sizes, and styles for our bathroom vanities.

Bathroom Lighting

The best bathroom lighting ideas and available vendors will be suggested by Running Renovations to assist you in brightening every moment, from functional sparkling ceiling lights to mood lighting with shifting colors and mirror illumination.

Bathroom Tiles

For every taste and budget, our sources with a wide selection offer an extensive choice of bathroom tile patterns. Their selection of bathroom tiles is great for any decor, whether you're searching for modern, sleek tiles or rustic, textured textures.

Bathroom Electrical Services

Electrical services are essential during bathroom renovations to ensure operation and safety. Our bathroom and basement remodeling Hamilton services follow the right protocols to ensure that every electrical part is safe, inspected, and ready for use.

Bathroom Waterproofing

With our expert waterproofing solutions, you can secure your bathroom from leaks and provide long-lasting protection while doing repairs.

Bathroom Plumbing

With our skilled plumbers, you can maximize the efficiency of your bathroom by fixing leaks and making sure the system runs smoothly while you undertake renovations.

Bathroom Flooring

During renovations, improve the utility and appeal of the space with a selection of our strong, water-resistant flooring solutions.

Bathroom Countertops

Selecting and installing the right bathroom countertop is crucial for both functionality and aesthetics, ensuring a durable and visually appealing space. 

Why Choose Us?

Offering project management, planning, and execution, Running Renos is a renovation company that provides full-service bathroom renovation for Hamilton homes. We collaborate closely with customers to execute renovations that fit your wants and budgets, guaranteeing a prompt and affordable finish.

We are Hamilton's leading renovation business, having all the necessary supplies and finishes from top producers in stock. Reach out to Running Renos, who focuses on the on-site experience, keeps our word, and delivers on our commitments.

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