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Renovation of bathrooms is popular because it significantly affects your bedtime and morning routine. Transform your bathroom and see how big a mood-lifter it becomes. Certainly, it will instantly be the most desirable and comfy space. Prioritize your living goals and create an image of your perfect bathroom. With Running Renos, our bathroom specialists can help you design and build an ideal bathroom that is sure to become a hit among family members. 
Bathroom renovations Oakville can be time-consuming and expensive. Hence, thoughtful planning with Running Renos can help you stay within your budget. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

bathroom renovations Oakville

Bathroom Renovation Services from Running Renos


A bathroom is frequently considered a personal haven from the pressures of daily life. Removing everything from the bathroom down to the stud walls and completely rewiring the space, Running Renos can do fantastic work.

We provide a variety of services, such as total bathroom removal, demolition, and cleanup; installation of custom cabinets or vanities; replacement or repair of outdated or damaged plumbing; installation of custom tiling; installation of glass shower surrounds and tubs; and all painting and finishing touches. Undoubtedly, we will leave no stone unturned until every minute detail is addressed to deliver the bathroom sanctuary of your dreams.


Why Hire a Bathroom Renovations or Remodeling Company in Oakville?

  • Bathroom renovation contractors Oakville offer stress-free, efficient, and aesthetic bathroom renovations that consider your tastes and budget, increasing house value and maximizing time and money.

  • Remodeling companies are seasoned to deliver value-based top-quality services. They are well-versed in selecting reliable products and components, setting budget limits, and making sure that the remodeling exercise does not overshoot the desired cost.

  • They have advanced tools, techniques, and materials for bathroom remodeling.

  • Expertise in designing a stunning, practical bathroom tailored to your needs and tastes. They will guide you in selecting materials, fixtures, colors, lighting, and ventilation while ensuring a well-designed space is delivered.

  • Oakville bathroom renovation company can provide quality assurance and expert guidance on materials, fixtures, finishes, design trends, and technological advancements.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Bathroom Renovations in Oakville


Running Renos is your dependable bathroom renovation contractor in Oakville. We provide rigorous planning, exceptional ideas, and first-rate construction. We start by thoroughly reviewing your vision with you to ensure we comprehend your concepts. Your lifestyle and house worth can both be considerably altered by a renovated bathroom. Running Renos is the best option if you want to sell your house or enjoy a stunning new bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling


  1. Structural work is crucial for bathroom renovation, ensuring functionality. Experts provide thorough assessments and implement solutions, ensuring full waterproofing and timely completion, adhering to Oakville city construction codes and building regulations.

  2. Bathroom plumbing is essential for renovations, ensuring functionality and managing household water usage. Our plumbing specialist installs, updates, and remodels fixtures, ensuring a smooth bathroom renovation Oakville.

  3. Natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles are popular bathroom flooring due to their durability, low maintenance, and various styles. Ceramic tiles are certainly water-resistant, while porcelain delivers a premium look. 

  4. Bathroom electrical services are crucial for safety, functionality, and flexibility in bathroom renovations. Seasoned experts follow the necessary proper guidelines in selecting safe, tested, and ready-to-use components for lighting, fixtures, and energy-efficient appliances.


Bathroom Design

  • A bathroom vanity is a lifesaver for extra space and organization, enhancing the value of bathroom renovations by balancing form and function. Choose a wood, metal, or glass unit and work with an expert team to find the perfect unit for your bathroom renovation project.

  • Bathroom lighting creates a functional and stylish space. Compact fixtures are ideal for limited spaces, while classic and sleek fixtures are preferred for a traditional or contemporary look. An increasing trend is for clients to choose modern and sleek lighting for bathroom renovations Oakville.

  • Bathroom renovations can use ceramic and porcelain tiles, which are durable, affordable, and easy to maintain. Glass mosaics and natural stone tiles add luxury. In contrast, ceramic or porcelain tiles are suitable for floors. Additionally, combining styles creates a cohesive design, helping transform Oakville bathrooms.

  • Bathroom countertops reflect personal style and come in various materials like quartz, laminate, marble, tile, and granite. Our showroom can source and compare materials to find the perfect fit for your bathroom project.


Our Specialties

​Complete Renovation Service

When you contact us to renovate your bathroom, you can relax knowing that we have every part of your remodeling project covered. Razer-focused, we plan ahead, foresee project requirements, and select the required subcontractors for the project. Our staff is entirely competent in managing your job because each of our bathroom renovation contractors, Oakville, is certified, insured, and licensed.


Quick Renovation Process 

Although bathroom renovations Oakville can be stressful, our crew is well-equipped to handle them. Furthermore, we know the usual potholes of the process and take the necessary measures to complete the bathroom renovation quickly.

Amazing Designs​

Renovate your antiquated bathroom. Our team is well-versed in the most-happening bathroom design trends. They will take the brief from you and transform your imagination into stunning and real-life bathroom spaces. 

How it Works

Choose all-inclusive bathroom renovation contractors Oakville to save time & money and ensure professional coordination. This package allows minimal effort in choosing the supplies and services. To guide you through the process a proper team of project managers, plumbers, electricians, and other vendors will be at your service. You can be confident about coordination and prevention of potential hassles. Hiring these bathroom renovation contractors Oakville can save money and eliminate the headache of dealing with multiple individuals.

Why choose Running Renos for bathroom renovations?

Running Renos is a top Oakville bathroom renovator known for its quality, courteous service, and expert quality. Look no further than Running Renos. We will push the envelope and try to meet your unique bathroom needs. We know what it takes to create beautiful bathrooms. You’ll be happily surprised by the final outcome. Contact us to know how more about our services or request a free consultation.

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