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10 Bathroom Renovation Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

This year's trends are sure to turn your bathroom into a chic and practical haven, from modern smart technologies to sleek and minimalist designs.


If remodeling a bathroom is on your list of things to do in 2024, this guide contains all the newest styles. Several options combine affordable suggestions for minor adjustments with bold adjustments for a significant makeover. Explore the fascinating realm of modern Burlington bathroom renovations, which offers ideas, motivation, and a look at bathrooms of the future.

10 Bathroom Trends for 2024

Here are some ideas that designers anticipate will be popular in 2024 for bathrooms, so whether you're looking for inspiration for a DIY makeover or a full-scale overhaul, you can find them.


Striking countertops

Clients with minimalist and neutral houses are willing to go bolder with a bathroom countertop than they would for their kitchen', says a founder of her namesake interior design firm for bathroom renovations, Oakville. Homeowners are taking more chances with features like waterfall edges, unusually thick slabs, and colored marble—possibly partly because the stakes are lower and the prices are lower.

Warm and soothing colors

Warm neutrals are fashionable for bathroom design in the New Year, according to designers everywhere. Think about warm white, cream, and beige tones; lighter wood tones like maple and white oak; taupe and mushroom; and warm brown and camel tones throughout, as opposed to sterile, all-white bathrooms.

Sustainable fixtures

The hottest trend in bathroom design for 2024 is sustainability, which is best represented by water-saving smart fixtures. These smart showers and touchless faucets not only save water and energy but also give bathrooms a contemporary, tech-savvy feel. This year, bathroom trends will be more advanced than those of 2023. You may personalize water temperature, flow, and scheduling with customizable options, combining eco-friendliness and elegance in one convenient package.

Handmade features

Although it first gained popularity in European design shows, the tendency towards personalized accents and handmade, unique features has acquired significant traction with American consumers. The growing appeal of timeless style is closely associated with this trend towards handmade elements and features, as suggested by professionals in bathroom renovations in Oakville.

Steam showers

Products and designs that prioritize health and well-being are becoming more and more popular among consumers. The popularity of spa-like bathroom features, such as saunas and steam rooms, has grown. Steam showers are at the top of the list. This is because research suggests they can help with blood pressure reduction, allergy relief, and improved sleep.


Vintage colors

Though minimalist design is always in style, vivid hues and intricate patterns are returning in big ways. It's becoming more and more common to combine modern sensibilities with historic charm; examples include elaborate tile patterns and striking color schemes. Additionally, it fits nicely with the broader interior design trends of 2024, which emphasize customization and authenticity. 

Checkered tiles

Checkerboard tile floors are a surefire design trend for 2024—you may have noticed them everywhere in the past few years. Its ageless beauty, adaptability, visual interest, and a blend of classic and modern appeal are only a few of the reasons for its widespread appeal.

Doorless showers

70% of professionals indicated that they preferred an open layout between the shower and the rest of the area, in line with the trend towards more contemporary design. For a seamless appearance, this includes keeping the floor the same across the area. If glass is utilized, it should be frameless so that the interior of the shower is visible. Experts in bathroom renovations in Hamilton can help easily with doorless showers.


This tendency has been there for some time and shows no signs of abating. The NKBA reports that wallpaper, which received 50% of the vote, is the most popular method for designers to use bold new colors in bathrooms. This was more popular than adding color with wall paint (36%), artwork (31%), cabinets and vanities (49%), and bathroom flooring (27%).

Decorative lighting

In a similar spirit, Barnard predicts that decorative lighting in bathrooms will increase in the coming year. Bathrooms frequently provide less room for non-functional décor, so lighting is a great way to integrate practical components as decorative accents.

The Bottom Line

Embrace the bathroom trends of 2024 to transform your space into a modern sanctuary. This new year asks you to add flair and practicality to your area via the use of smart technology and traditional inspired designs. Take on the future with a bathroom that expresses your distinct style thanks to these bathroom renovations in Milton.

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